Friday, July 8, 2011

Peach Dreams

Lately, I've been seeing little local peach stands all over town and in our local groceries. We love eating local as much as possible and this time of year in Texas we are blessed with beautiful fragrant local peaches. This weekend I'm toying with the idea of making peach sorbet or maybe even peach cupcakes..

To say I'm 'in love' with the above Peppery Poppy Bloom Heals from BHLDN is an understatement. They're SO cute! Check out the Peach Cupcake Recipe here.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend full of sweetness!




  1. gosh, i wish i would've thought of making awesome peach foods like peach sorbet or cupcakes when i bought a basket from the farmer's market a few weeks ago! they went bad in like 3 days :(

    such a pretty board, though!

  2. OOOO, LOVE this! Such a pretty board, and I love you for linking to the peach cupcake recipe. YUM!