Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Garden {It's Happening!}

I planted my first garden this past spring and am very happy with what it's producing for us so far. It took some initial work in March preparing the bed to insure the soil was rich enough to produce happy veggies. But all I do now is water daily, and use an organic fertilizer once a month and this is what's happening:  

We are very much enjoying our herbs {basil & mint} and hubby loves the cayenne pepper {not shown above}. I am anxiously waiting to eat the bell peppers, eggplant and tomatoes, which as you can see are almost ready. And let's talk about the sweet potatoes! The vines are practically taking over at this point and since the potatoes grow under ground, I'm not quite sure when they will be ready. Any ideas? I suppose I need to 'google' it. Either way I'm a proud garden momma and have been bitten by the green thumb bug for sure!



  1. gosh, that's amazing! i can't even get my tomatoes to grow :( wah.


  2. Yay! Finally a full garden shot! Looks bountiful and beautiful. :)

  3. looks great, Christina!! My veggies this year are looking pretty sad!!