Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Time Has Begun

Summer has begun with all it's sweet promise of long days, cool dips, icy treats, new adventures and shady picnics. I will say though that the one down side of summer in Austin TX is that it's blazin hot, I mean at times open the oven door and stick your head in hot. But with all the heat all the more reason to make it our mission to discover all the pools and icey treats around town. And with my love of long summer days, I'm particularly excited about this summer with my tiny toddler. Last summer he was a wee babe and I was still in my post maternity quiet hibernation mode. So last summer we had a beautiful blurry eyed mostly indoor kind of a summer together. But this summer is a whole new ball game. This summer is destine to be full of adventure, wonder, exploration and fun! I'm so excited to show my little guy his first REAL summer. It feels like I've been given a second chance to rediscover summer myself. Like I too have been given the chance to experience summer with fresh new eyes and eager vigor. It gives me an excited fluttery tummy just thinking about it! We've already started the summer off with discovering all the wonder our back yard has to offer. Did you know that a hose and a bucket can buy you at least an hour of solidly good fun? True story! 

Oh the fun of a a big card board box a a few balls.
THE Hose.
And a little dirt on the nose to round it all out.

Happy Summer Friends!