Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eggs for Lunch

My beautiful friend Jenny recently taught me how to make the perfect poached egg. And now I'm officially on a poached egg kick. Below is a lunch from last week: Poached Eggs on Garlic Toast with Garbanzo Bean Salad. I used organic free range eggs {so much tastier and healthier than regular white eggs}. I rubbed buttered multigrain toast with a garlic glove. Then topped the eggs with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and basil which made for a yummy and heart healthy alternative to eggs benedict.

Garbanzo Bean Salad:
Garbanzo Beans
Red Onion
Grape Tomatos
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sweet Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Toss & Serve


  1. OMGoodness... this looks so amazingly flavorful and rich. And you rubbed garlic on the toast? Culinary genious. We are totally making poached eggs a' la Christina for our next breakfast for dinner! xoxo

  2. You're sweet! I learned from the best!!