Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Type Face - Pillow Love

Being a type obsessed kind of a girl, I'm drawn to all sorts of type faces and love seeing type faces on different mediums. In this case the medium happens to be pillows. My favorite combination is a beautiful or vintage type face paired with an inspirational word or phrase and that's what you'll find below:

Find These Pillows: {left to right and then down the line}
Vintage Blue Number Pillow: Nesta Home
French Script Pillow: Plume Textiles
& Pillow via
Paris France Pillow: Nesta Home
Coffee Sack Pillow: Neutra Design
Love Pillow: Nesta Home
Bed Pillows: Unknown
Lean on Me Pillows: Menusmade
Dream Big Little One Pillow: Robin and Mould

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